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Living The Kingdom 2017

Conference Small Groups

Small Group Discussions will take place during the Living the Kingdom Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings. Below is a list of Small Group offerings by day. Each group will have a facilitator and may potentially address the types of questions included below in the Small Group descriptions.

Once you have read over the descriptions, please complete the online form to sign-up for one small group each day. Signing up prior to the conference will help us to be sure we have adequate space allocated to each group.


Best Practices of Kingdom Leadership with Joe Daltorio

Spiritual leaders often find themselves under great pressure. Recent statistics suggest that 70% of pastors battle depression. The spiritual landscape of the church is shifting dramatically, and it’s affecting para-church and local-church leaders alike.

  • Where have we allowed unbiblical assumptions and patterns to influence the way we look at leadership?
  • Servant leadership is often discussed, but what does that really look like?
  • Where can we better align to healthy, kingdom–like patterns of leadership?
  • How can we effectively adjust the thinking and expectations of people (for example, our congregations) to better understand what biblical leadership is and is not?
  • The Theological Core of The Kingdom with Dennis Woodsmall

    It is critical to grasp the underlying, Biblical theology of The Kingdom, to avoid errors that can lead to the development of unhealthy systems and structures in The Church.

  • What are some common misperceptions about the Kingdom?
  • We know that the kingdom is "already and not yet", but practically what does this mean? How much of the Kingdom can we expect "already", and how much of the kingdom it's truly "not yet"?
  • Where may some of our popular theology regarding the kingdom be damaging the people of God?
  • We know that the kingdom is the sovereign rule of God. How do we make that practical for people? How might we help people develop a "day-by-day awareness" of living in the kingdom?
  • What The Kingdom Looks Like In The Marketplace with Brad Greene

    So much of our discussions about the Kingdom tend to center on theology or the Church.

  • But how can Kingdom principles be applied to the workplace?
  • What might a kingdom–shaped CEO or manager look like?
  • How does an employee live "kingdomly" in their work environment?
  • How does what we believe shape and affect how we work?
  • If we are in a working environment that is not shaped by kingdom thinking (which is probably most of them) how can we operate in Kingdom principles, and how might we be able to influence our working environment?

    Renewing The City with Randy Tomko

    Part of what it means to demonstrate the Kingdom in our society is knowing what it means as a Church to act as an agent of renewal by responding to our cities spiritually, socially, and culturally in redemptive ways.

  • How do we do that?
  • What does "being an agent of renewal" in our cities look like?
  • How can we bring renewal to our cities on one hand and yet prophetically stand for Biblical truth on the other?
  • How does reaching our cities, in a way that spiritually and culturally renews them, fulfill our mandate to "proclaim the faith"?
  • Communicating The Gospel

    We are now, at least in America, a couple of decades into a time that many have called a "post–Christian" era. What was ‘normal’ in the recent crusade era – in which people made "decisions for Christ” – no longer seems to work. People need time to "journey" towards Christ, and often "conversion" is now a gradual experience.

  • As we seek to proclaim the faith in our present cultural context, what does that look like?
  • In what ways does our communication sound like "church speak" and is not connecting to our audience?
  • It has been noted that the idea of "instant conversions" are no longer the norm… especially in the emerging generations. How do we "journey" people towards a commitment to the Lord Jesus?
  • How does a "journeying" approach inform our local-church and para-church:
  • Practices, Programming, The way we train people to evangelize, and The way we use language?

    Power and Grace Evangelism with Amy Phillips

    There is no question that part of what it means to "live in the kingdom" and proclaim our faith effectively is to cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit by which we can reach people in the power of the Spirit. Paul the apostle said that the Kingdom is not a matter of talk, but power.

  • What does it mean to move daily in the power of the Spirit?
  • What does it mean to reach people in the power of the Spirit?
  • How do we, as John Wimber urged, "do the stuff” – moving effectively in the prophetic and healing gifts – in our interaction with unbelievers?
  • How do we allow the Holy Spirit to release us in doing "signs and wonders" powerfully, graciously, and wisely? Put another way, when "doing the stuff" what are some of the wisdom points we need to be alert to, that keeps us centered on Jesus and on loving people, rather than a subtly self-centered desire for our own spiritual affirmation? What are some important boundaries to be aware of?
  • What is keeping believers from moving out in the gifts as they seek to reach people with the Gospel?
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