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Leaders That Lead Like Jesus. Communities That Look Like The Kingdom.

Messenger Fellowship is an international company of leaders dedicated to developing leaders that lead like Jesus, and communities that demonstrate The Kingdom. Messenger is called to convene leaders for the purpose of exploring The Ways of God, cover leaders by fostering supportive communities of safety and accountability, and co-mission leaders by providing essential theological resources and creating strategic ministry partnerships.

Join Messenger

Following Jesus is meant to be done together. Being a part of a God community takes shape in your immediate context, but it also can form across networks, borders, denominations, and movements. It’s this kind of fellowship that can uniquely encourage and equip you to walk out God’s call on your life for the long haul. Let’s walk this out together.


Are you a Christian leader, pastor, missionary or marketplace leader who is considering ordination as an important step in answering God’s call? Through our ordination process culminating in the laying on of hands at an ordination service, we see our role as providing the support you will need to carry out your unique ministry gifting and calling in God’s kingdom.

Talk with Us

Wherever you are in your journey, we’d love to connect and hear about God’s activity in your life and community. Reach out to start the conversation.


AS it is in Heaven

Messenger is a global community committed to communicate, model, and replicate the principles and patterns that rightly align to The Kingdom of God.


Messenger is known internationally for the amazing and diverse people that make it up. What truly marks Messenger is uncommon unity in the Spirit and commitment to one another.


The DNA that Messenger stewards and shares carries a pattern of relationship that emanates from the Trinity. Messenger has distilled this DNA into 5 distinctives that shape everything Messenger is about.

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